The St. Petersburg Group has joined Seedfunders, an early stage investment and mentoring organization that targets pre-revenue, scalable technology start-ups. SPG Insight Board Member Irv Cohen is co-founder of Seedfunders, alongside Dave Chitester, Kathleen Chitester, and Randy Greene. In line with SPG’s  civic consulting endeavors, Seedfunders provides an opportunity to not only invest in up-and-coming technology, but also use the Insight Board’s varied acumen and expertise to aid companies in their growth and development.  Insight Board Member Joe Hamilton offered that ‘SPG joined Social Venture Partners last year and given the overlap in Board Membership between SPG, SVP and Seedfunders, it made sense that SPG officially invest in Seedfunders.  We are about connecting and sharing acumen and this is a good expression of that intention. From the SVP Fast Pitch in October to the monthly Seedfunders Roundtables, we can collaborate to deliver more value together than any of us could individually.”



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