Our next growth phase will be transformative as we evolve the Catalyst from a news media entity to a metacity platform that provides tools and incentives to inspire all St Pete citizens to participate. Said another way, we want to provide the ‘picks and shovels’ to unearth the gems of creativity, insight and innovation as civic riches for St Petersburg.

One of those utilities is an on-platform art district where any local artist can claim their free gallery space from which they can display their work, and offer prints or NFTs. Art collectors will be able to display their collection of local NFT art treasures in their Catalyst profile.

As a thank you to those investing in the current equity raise, as well as previous investors, we are minting a 50 piece series of early supporter NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that represent rarity. Like an original artwork, or limited edition series of prints, the quantity minted is decided by the issuer. Each of the 50 Catalyst early supporter NFTs will be individually identifiable by a private key in the token, as well as individually numbered on the front.

We believe they are a fun and appropriate memento of early-days Catalyst for those that share our vision and have backed our growth.





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