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08/24/2021 | Episode 80 | 36:02

Ep. 80: Irwin Novack - Chief Executive Officer, Kane's Furniture

07/25/2021 | Episode 79 | 40:39

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Frank Morsani

06/26/2021 | Episode 78 | 33:13

Journalist Margie Manning

06/02/2021 | Episode 77 | 50:51

Helen Levine - Regional Vice Chancellor for External Affairs at USF St. Petersburg (USFSP)

05/26/2021 | Episode 76 | 57:58

Writer Dave Seminara

05/05/2021 | Episode 75 | 45:41

Architect Yann Weymouth

04/19/2021 | Episode 74 | 31:17

Shilen Patel - Founder & CEO of HealthAxis Group

04/05/2021 | Episode 73 | 38:56

Joel Momberg - USF Foundation CEO, ACH Foundation VP, novelist

Joel Momberg - USF Foundation CEO, ACH Foundation VP, novelist

01/28/2021 | Episode 72 | 36:52

Investment guru Ron Tarro, VP, New World Angels

Ron Tarro, vice president, New World Angels Investment Group

10/31/2020 | Episode 71 | 45:17

The truth is out there: Lucy Morgan, Pulitzer Prize-winning Florida journalist

Lucy Morgan, Pulitzer Prize-winning Florida journalist

10/14/2020 | Episode 70 | 38:25

Herb Snitzer, photographer, on images with impact

Herb Snitzer, photographer, on images with impact

06/27/2020 | Episode 069 | 58:08

Ep. 069: Sandra Braham, CEO of Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services

Dr. Sandra Braham on maintaining balance and forward momentum in the nonprofit world

06/20/2020 | Episode 068 | 39:33

Bill Edwards, CEO, The Edwards Group

Serious business: Bill Edwards on success, soccer, St. Pete and the secrets to creating a brighter future

05/18/2020 | Episode 067 | 59:43

Jim Craig, Gold Medal Strategies, Goalkeeper of 1980 Miracle team

Miracle: Jim Craig tells the story of his success in business and on ice

04/06/2020 | Episode 066 | 42:37

Arnie Bellini, Founder of ConnectWise

On returning: Arnie Bellini talks building ConnectWise, the effort to create 77,000 jobs in Tampa Bay and his passion for saving wild Florida

03/30/2020 | Episode 065 | 32:24

Fred Bullard, Veteran Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer

St. Pete pioneer: Fred Bullard shares stories of entrepreneurship and talks about building some of St. Pete's most iconic places

03/23/2020 | Episode 064 | 25:15

Carol Bellamy, Former Director of UNICEF

A life of service: Carol Bellamy talks battling terrorism and bureaucracy, saving children's lives at UNICEF

02/18/2020 | Episode 063 | 40:39

Paresh Patel, HCI Group

Opportunity over fear: Paresh Patel shares his fascinating professional evolution, entrepreneurial philosophy and thoughts on diversity

02/03/2020 | Episode 062 | 25:19

Steve Raymund, Former CEO of Tech Data

Behind the rise of Tech Data: Steve Raymund talks decision-making, acquisitions and customer-first mentality

01/17/2020 | Episode 061 | 1:04:30

Jonathan Daou, Eastman Equity

Return on experience: Jonathan Daou talks experiential retail, district-building and diversity

12/16/2019 | Episode 060 | 40:56

David Mearns, Shipwreck Hunter

Shipwreck Hunter: David Mearns talks process, finding the unfindable and stories of his most memorable discoveries

11/12/2019 | Episode 059 | 42:59

Tony DiBenedetto, Think Big For Kids

Thinking Big: Tony DiBenedetto talks founding Tribridge, pivots and evolutions, and life after

11/01/2019 | Episode 058 | 32:35

Blake Wilson, a.k.a. BatDad

Going viral: Blake Wilson talks becoming BatDad, monetizing content and managing the pressure of internet fame

10/25/2019 | Episode 057 | 34:13

Adam Smith, Mercury

The Times they are a'changing: Adam Smith talks the state of news, Florida politicians and hindsight

10/18/2019 | Episode 056 | 48:04

Gilbert King, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Reflections on American Life: Pulitzer Prize winner Gilbert King talks criminal justice, long-forgotten history and the craft of non-fiction

10/07/2019 | Episode 055 | 59:04

Iqbal Paroo, Paroo & Associates

The fascinating life of Iqbal Paroo: How an accident led to an epiphany - and a 45-year career

09/27/2019 | Episode 054 | 46:03

Duncan McClellan, Glass Artist

Through the looking glass: Placemaking and the business of art with St. Pete's own Duncan McClellan

09/20/2019 | Episode 053 | 19:37

Bob Buckhorn, 58th Mayor of Tampa

Throwback: A conversation with Bob Buckhorn as he bid farewell to running the city he loves

09/13/2019 | Episode 052 | 38:24

Marcin Kleczynski, founder of Malwarebytes

Message boards to Malwarebytes: Founder Marcin Kleczynski talks origins, industry and the evolution of cyber threats

09/06/2019 | Episode 051 | 23:09

Dr. Kiran Patel, Local philanthropist and entrepreneur

From apartheid Africa to Tampa Bay: Dr. Kiran Patel kicks off season two of SPx

02/20/2019 | Episode 050 | 27:19

Bob Glaser, Smith & Associates

Rising: Bob Glaser talks building a next-tier city, motivation and his coming out story

02/11/2019 | Episode 049 | 29:42

Peter Kageyama, Author & Speaker

For the love of love itself: Peter Kageyama talks openness, evolution, and co-creation of well-loved cities

01/16/2019 | Episode 048 | 38:09

Steve Tingiris, Dabble Lab

Serial entrepreneur Steve Tingiris: AI and machine learning are changing our economy

01/07/2019 | Episode 047 | 38:26

Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., Coaching Mindset

Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., talks mindsets, the tools she's developed to measure them, and rapid change in executive coaching

09/05/2018 | Episode 046 | 27:57

Marc Blumenthal, Synapse

Marc Blumenthal talks Synapse origins, the recipe for a successful startup ecosystem and changing the conversation around capital

08/16/2018 | Episode 045 | 31:13

Lakshmi Shenoy, Embarc Collective

Lakshmi Shenoy goes long-form on building Embarc Collective, her plan to attract startup talent to Tampa Bay and finding a seat at the table

08/08/2018 | Episode 044 | 45:10

David Jezek, YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

David Jezek reflects on a lifelong career at the YMCA, talks organizational evolution and the business of nonprofits

07/27/2018 | Episode 043 | 46:40

Rick Homans, Tampa Bay Partnership

Rick Homans talks Tampa Bay Partnership's mission pivot, regionalism and changing the way we look at workforce development.

08/01/2018 | Episode 042 | 32:09

David Downing, Visit St. Pete Clearwater

David Downing talks economic development, authenticity and volatility in the tourism marketing industry.

07/26/2018 | Episode 041 | 56:46

David Romine, AgileThought

David Romine talks all things Agile: philosophy, founding AgileThought, and scaling to where it is today

07/17/2018 | Episode 040 | 56:27

Peter Schorsch, Florida Politics

Going deep with Peter Schorsch: The controversial political personality talks St. Pete development and building a media platform in your own hometown

07/13/2018 | Episode 039 | 42:08

Peter Betzer, St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership

Peter Betzer talks the evolution of the College of Marine Science, St. Pete Progress and its role in St. Pete's development

06/29/2018 | Episode 038 | 57:37

Michael Pastreich, The Florida Orchestra

Michael Pastreich talks the "why" beyond the music, managing crisis and why he rejects vision

04/27/2018 | Episode 037 | 43:04

Kristen Shepherd, Museum of Fine Arts

Kristen Shepherd talks coming home, the business of modern museums and the MFA's Antioch mosaics project

04/27/2018 | Episode 036 | 54:26

Dr. Hank Hine, The Dali Museum

Dr. Hank Hine talks diving in with Dali - how art spurs innovation, dialogue and well-being

04/02/2018 | Episode 035 | 54:16

Dr. Jonathan Ellen, John's Hopkins All Childrens

Dr. Jonathan Ellen talks leadership, transformational change and the importance of altruism

03/16/2018 | Episode 034 | 40:58

Joanna Sikes, Executive Director of the Imagine Museum

Joanna Sikes talks her varied life arch and career, working with Santana, Dale Chihuly and the American Studio Glass movement

03/15/2018 | Episode 033 | 1:04:50

Alex Harris, Co-Founder of Arts Conservatory for Teens

Alex Harris talks his gospel roots, battling fear and shifting the poverty mindset

05/01/2018 | Episode 032 | 1:02:09

Randall Russell, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Randall Russell talks ingredients for transformative change, the importance of race and a life of social justice work

03/02/2018 | Episode 031 | 38:05

Kelly McBride of Poynter Institute, Kyle Parks of B2 Communications

Kelly McBride and Kyle Parks talk being a couple in media, modern journalism, and the fight against fake news.

03/06/2018 | Episode 030 | 53:42

Amy Rettig, Senior Vice President of Community Engagements, Nielsen

Amy Rettig talks evolutions at Nielsen over the last 50 years, content media disruptors, and company culture.

05/31/2017 | Episode 029 | 33:24

Mike Harting, 3 Daughters Brewing

Mike Harting talks St. Pete's evolution, his entrepreneurial endeavors, and the burgeoning arts and brewing scene.

02/22/2018 | Episode 028 | 59:58

Steve Gianfilippo, Founder of Gianco Companies

Curating vibes in St. Pete: Steve Gianfilippo talks design, elevating the art scene, and what makes a smart investment

02/19/2018 | Episode 027 | 41:57

Hartmut Liebel, iQor

Hartmut Liebel talks iQor's unique two-pronged approach to client service, fearlessness in the face of AI, and his "selfish" morning routine.

01/09/2018 | Episode 026 | 54:01

Mike Sutton, Habitat For Humanity Pinellas

Mike Sutton talks non-profit transformation, construction in Pinellas County, and his battle with Habitat's common misconceptions

12/14/2017 | Episode 025 | 35:00

Emery Ivery, United Way Suncoast

Change Agent Emery Ivery talks philanthropic impact in St. Pete, combating poverty, and long-term recovery from Hurricane Irma.

12/07/2017 | Episode 024 | 36:29

Beth Houghton, St. Pete Free Clinic

Beth Houghton talks feeding St. Pete - and her soul - through St. Pete Free Clinic.

10/19/2017 | Episode 023 | 22:51

Tim Moore, Diamond View Studios

Local Emmy award-winning video producer Tim Moore talks humble beginnings, growing a business in Tampa Bay and the mindset that's brought his success.

06/02/2017 | Episode 022 | 46:10

Kyle Taylor - Taylor Media - The Penny Hoarder

Kyle Taylor talks the changing face of our economy, what that means for business and education, and how The Penny Hoarder is revolutionizing digital publishing as we know it.

10/31/2017 | Episode 021 | 50:28

Nathan & Sara Stonecipher - Green Bench Brewing & MISRED Outfitters.

Nathan and Sara Stonecipher talk being married, being entrepreneurial powerhouses and being both at the same time.

11/02/2017 | Episode 020 | 47:25

Matt Spence, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

Matt Spence talks about the truth behind his title, passion, and the future of social enterprise in St. Pete.

10/26/2017 | Episode 019 | 39:09

Craig Sher, Sembler Group

Craig Sher talks heroics in civic and business life, keeping a nuclear bomb in your back pocket, and St. Pete's economic future.

10/12/2017 | Episode 018 | 31:31

David Feaster, President of Republic Bank

Republic Bank's David Feaster talks banking automation and innovation, surviving the Great Recession, and finding your passion through community involvement.

09/21/2017 | Episode 017 | 37:37

Jeff Brandes, Florida State Senator

Senator Jeff Brandes talks priorities in Tallahassee, establishing a bold legislative vision, and following his "true north" in policy-making.

09/20/2017 | Episode 016 | 38:10

Greg Holden, Past Chamber Chair, VP of Manning & Napier

Greg Holden talks plugging into St. Pete's business community, making waves, and leaving the world a better place.

10/03/2017 | Episode 015 | 1:00:08

InsideOut Sales Innovation Lab: Christina Cherry & Chad Nuss

InsideOut Co-Founders talk revolutionizing sales, doing business & living life in St. Pete, and how they're spreading the word about our great city.

09/05/2017 | Episode 014 | 42:34

Irv Cohen, Innovative Investor & Social Venture Partner

Irv Cohen shares C-suite wall street tales and his vision for supporting start-ups

08/30/2017 | Episode 013 | 51:00

Rachel Miller, Body Electric Yoga Company

Body Electric's Rachel Miller talks personal reinvention, nude yoga, and female entrepreneurship.

05/31/2017 | Episode 012 | 34:00

Nadine Smith, Founder of Equality Florida

Is St. Pete inclusive? Nadine Smith shares stories from the front lines of the struggle for equality.

08/10/2017 | Episode 011 | 41:53

Ryan Griffin, Business Attorney & Restaurateur

Got ambiance? Restaurateur & master host Ryan Griffin is putting St Pete on the culinary map.

07/31/2017 | Episode 010 | 1:03:47

Nathan Schwagler, Founding Co-Director of Dali Innovation Labs

From the summit of Kilimanjaro to St Pete's own Dali Museum, Nathan Schwagler shares his wisdom on creativity, entrepreneurship, and chasing the right flags.

05/31/2017 | Episode 009 | 25:24

Brian Auld, President of the Tampa Bay Rays

Baseball & beyond - a conversation about the St. Petersburg community, entrepreneurship, and education with Brian Auld.

08/23/2017 | Episode 008 | 47:15

Mayor Rick Kriseman, Incumbent Mayoral Candidate

In his own words - a conversation with candidate Rick Kriseman

08/16/2017 | Episode 007 | 41:54

Rick Baker, Former Mayor & Mayoral Candidate

In his own words - a conversation with candidate Rick Baker

08/18/2017 | Episode 006 | 45:10

Reuben Pressman, Founder of Presence

Culture, money and fun - take a deep dive into the St Pete start-up world with entrepreneur Reuben Pressman.

07/11/2017 | Episode 005 | 44:33

Chris Steinocher, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Chris Steinocher celebrates the gifts of past citizens and challenges us to do epic good work now for future generations.

06/27/2017 | Episode 004 | 44:10

Mitzi Gordon, St. Pete's Creative Scene

Mitzi Gordon talks art washing, car painting and her emotional departure from Creative Pinellas.

06/27/2017 | Episode 003 | 51:17

Tanner Loebel, Founder of FOODNOW

Tanner Loebel talks entrepreneurship, selling his business and how to handle a crushing Yelp review.

06/22/2017 | Episode 002 | 29:06

Kevin Hohl of HD Interactive

Episode 002: Virtual Reality & Technology with Kevin Hohl

06/20/2017 | Episode 001 | 32:28

Jeff Hearn of Raymond James & St. Pete Downtown Partnership

Episode 001: Inside St. Pete Philanthropy with Jeff Hearn