Strategic Thinking : Decisive Action

SPG believes ideas are only as valuable as their execution. Our mission is to amplify acumen and transform thought leadership into tangible progress.

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Engage the SPG

The St. Petersburg Group welcomes your inquiry.  Our team may be applied to your project in part or as a whole.  Additionally we are strong facilitators who can lead your successful project and tap into our vast local network for execution.  Either way, we look forward to a good conversation learning  about you and your project.

Develop or Refine Corporate Strategy

Study a Civic Initiative

Accelerate a Start-Up

Provide a Think Tank for Complex Problems

Tackle Social Issues

Analyze Operations

Act as a Sounding Board

Retain The SPG and put insight on tap.

On-going partnerships offer the optimal framework to maximize the value that The SPG can deliver to you.  As our group members become familiar with the nuances of your operation, the insight we provide will evolve accordingly.  You’ll appreciate having such a high acumen ‘bench’ that you can turn to for sage answers to challenges and opportunities.

Bring your project and leverage our brainpower for your success.

The SPG team is built to solve complex problems. We’re strong, agile thinkers who dive into projects with open minds and determined spirits. Our expertise, experience and connections are all inputs into a successful plan, study or strategy.

If appropriate, we will plan execution and deliver the ready-to-launch solution. Individual team members may be engaged to lead the execution portion of the project.