Our Partners

Our Purpose

Up to twelve times per year, we select an innovative, early-stage St. Petersburg nonprofit to join Catalyst for Good. During the C4G program, our Engagement Director will guide the organization through five phases of development. Within each phase the nonprofit founders will access senior level advisement, and our talented team of producers.

"Disruptive innovation often comes from those without the resources to realize their vision. The best ideas deserve our best support — to drive our best future."

- Joe Hamilton

Founding Partner

St Petersburg Group

Our purpose is to focus our strongest minds on the initiatives with the most potential, working alongside the nonprofits as they launch. Our hypothesis is that while some incubator programs offer broad education and others specific deliverables, a startup nonprofit requires custom and comprehensive guidance — as well as tangible business deliverables to break through the strong gravity of its early stages. We will test our hypothesis with the most innovative and impactful organizations in our community.

Our Method

The C4G program was designed to offer unique support to nonprofits with a heavy emphasis on deliverables. Education and coaching are essential and we have assembled a formidable team of experts. We take it further. We will build as we teach. Founders will learn how to write a grant as we write a grant for them. They will learn about marketing as we build their website and social media presence for them. They will learn about accounting and banking as we set up their financial infrastructure and do the accounting. And so on. Wherever we can do it for them while teaching, we will.

  • For best results per nonprofit, we engage individually with each organization instead of a group teaching environment.
  • Each program is customized to meet the specific needs of the nonprofit.
  • Deliverables and more deliverables: website, network, accounting, social media, legal work and more.
  • C4G program investment is $20,000. The Pinellas Community Foundation will match all program funding.

Our Work

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mission & Messaging
  • Donor Nurturing
  • Grants & Government
  • Culture Building
  • Impact Growth
  • Financial Acumen
  • Communications
  • Data & Measurement

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