St Petersburg Group

A note from Joe Hamilton

There are few things more difficult than building a company.  Founders must be relentless and singular of mind to beat the well documented odds against making it even 5 years.  You must be stubborn and flexible at the same time because the rules change constantly. Mastering one stage in your growth only means elevating into a completely new level to start the learning all over again.

Wherever possible you must leverage the expertise, insight and help from the community around you.  Most startups, both profit and nonprofit, fail because of issues unrelated to the core purpose for the organization.  It’s the financials, the marketing, the culture – the things you weren’t thinking about when the vision for your organization was taking shape.  

"Be relentless in impacting the world with your life and your vision. "

- Joe Hamilton

Founding Partner

St Petersburg Group

Ultimately it comes down to execution.   We know this because our team has built dozens of companies.  C4G will stand next to you and we’ll execute together so that your vision can flourish with as little encumbrance as possible.