Pinellas Community Foundation

A note from Duggan Cooley

Innovators for social good often have great concepts to solve complex community challenges, but lack the business savvy or support to successfully bring those solutions to market. Without the right support and community connections to launch, fledgling nonprofits find themselves with plenty of customers in need, but no sustainable model to drive revenue. Perpetually these organizations exist in a scarcity mindset and operation that leaves them starved for money, but not for customers.

"With the right kind of support, an organization can relentlessly pursue its vision for community impact"

- Duggan Cooley

Executive Director

Pinellas Community Foundation

Catalyst for Good provides a network of business experts that can be leveraged to help an organization bring innovative solutions to the marketplace. This network of experts will deepen the knowledge and grow the capacity of organizations to deliver new solutions to community challenges. With the right kind of support, from the right kind of people, an organization can steer clear of scarcity, and relentlessly pursue its vision for community impact.