When I found out I had the opportunity to share this personal, life-changing experience, which has significantly morphed the way I function as a business owner and devoted member of this community, I was all over it. When I say life-changing, I mean it in every sense of the term. I’m talking about Leadership St. Pete. If you aren’t familiar with the program, it is a division of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and one of the oldest leadership programs in existence. I graduated with the class of 2016, which could arguably have been THE best class ever! It was a 6 month experience that required a level of commitment and time in order to really do it right, and it took place while work could not have been busier (cue the violins).  With that being said, I regret nothing and there is never enough time unless you make it happen. I met some of the most amazing people who I am certain will remain very close friends for many years to come.

For me, Leadership St. Pete was a chance to develop new relationships with people who have had different experiences in various situations but harbor a similar goal; creating a positive environment for growing success. I’ve always felt that leadership can be most recognized in groups. In this collaborative, team setting, I was able to receive more information and discover some of my hidden traits that have ultimately recharged my capacity to be an adaptive thinker.

Living within a community that is evolving at record pace, our goals and objectives become more dynamic, and if I am unable to adapt to those changing conditions, then any skills or experience I have becomes irrelevant. The diversity that exists within LSP helped to enhance my own awareness of my personal presence and it gave me confidence in my authentic style of leadership. The experience was very special to me and I hold it close to my heart.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to serve on the Planning Committee in 2017 and was excited to embrace the opportunity to have Gazelle Capital sponsor one of my favorite seminars; State Government. I urge you to look into Leadership St. Pete and educate yourself. Apply for next year’s class and if that doesn’t make sense, explore the sponsorship opportunities to put your business in front of some of St. Pete’s finest.

I proudly stand behind this organization and its mission because I believe everyone is a leader in their own right, it is simply a matter of connecting with each other to watch the magic happen! Avoid your own leadership stagnation, head over to Leadership St. Pete and discover it for yourself.

Plug yourself in, charge yourself up, I think you’ll be amazed with what you find.


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